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Employment Law Compliance

IMMMA Advocates has employment and labor relations practices in Tanzania. Our team has extensive experience in advising employers on lawful termination procedures, the fundamental rights and protections afforded by employment and labor laws, issues concerning workman’s compensation, social security payments, severance pay and other terminal benefits, employment contracts, trade unions and collective agreements and retrenchment.

Experience has included advising:

  • CITI Bank on its restructuring programs in compliance of both the Labor Laws and the regulations of the Bank of Tanzania (BOT)
  • Norwegian refugees council (NRC) on establishing an NGO in Tanzania, drafting of all the necessary documents for registration, registration itself, post registration compliance and review of their employment, service and procurement contracts
  • CCBRT being both a Society and a Trust on matters pertaining to NGO compliance matters and we also act as their retained Legal Counsels therefore advising and handling all of their legal affairs
  • Various Ngo’s in Tanzania on compliance matters in relation to filings with the registrar of NGOs such as office bearers notification, change pf offices and various statutory notifications
  • CBM and Intra Health International on compliance matters in relation to Certificates of Compliance