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We have deep experience in Immigration law. Our Immigration Team has experienced attorneys who provide a broad range of services which include corporate immigration, private client immigration, compliance and advisory, consular and visa services, document procurement and legalization as well as government relations. While processing the necessary permits required for our foreign clients, we act as general counsel for corporations whereby we assist them in the procurement of the relevant permits for their foreign employees.

Experience has included advising:

  • Ecobank Tanzania on immigration matters and successfully negotiated non-deportation of one of Ecobank’s employees who had entered the country on an incorrect visa
  • Oman Air on various immigration and company related matters within its airline
  • Fragomen and Pro Link Global USA on various foreigners wishing to relocate to Tanzania for retirement, employment and investment
  • Peri Formwork and Scaffolding Limited on the registration of its subsidiary in Tanzania, securing all the necessary company documents, and work permits for all their foreign employees
  • Various mining service provider companies in Tanzania on their immigration matters that includes acquisition of working and residential permits for their expatriate or foreign employees
  • Secured board membership to NBAA for a foreign employee of PACT Tanzania and successfully obtained work and residence permit for the employee
  • Colgate Palmolive Tanzania Limited on immigration related matters and successfully obtained work and residence permits for their foreign employees
  • Successfully secured work and residence permits for foreign employees of ASCO Norge AS and advised on various immigration related matters within the company
  • Successfully secured work and residence permits of foreign employees of Emirates Tanzania
  • Successfully securing work and residence permits for employees of AEL Mining Services Limited