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COVID-19 in Tanzania: Is it time for lenders to be counted?

COVID-19 in Tanzania: Is it time for lenders to be counted?

The coverage of this pandemic by the global and local media clearly indicates the economic problems ahead not only for individuals but also for businesses at large. This calls for a reflection of the effect of this pandemic on the financial sector in Tanzania given the current global and local environment.

An overview of the proposed amendments by the Finance Bill 2023

The Minister for Finance and Planning, Hon. Mwigulu Lameck Nchemba, delivered National Budget Speech on 15 June 2023 at the Parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania. The theme for the Budget is ‘Accelerating Economic Recovery, Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation and Enhancing Productive Sectors for Improved Livelihood.’

The Personal Data Protection Act, 2022

This is an update to our Data Protection Laws of the World: Tanzania dated 26 January 2023, which provided an overview of the Personal Data Protection Act, 2022.