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We have advised numerous clients on the insurance laws applicable in Tanzania, including the formation and regulatory framework governing insurance companies, insurance brokers and agents. 

We support our clients through a broad range of legal needs including M&A, establishing new operations, restructuring, dispute resolution and other commercial arrangements. 

Indeed, our team has extensive experience assisting insurance clients with acquisitions, investments and market issues as well as regulatory needs arising from their operations. We are currently retained by one of the leading insurance companies in Tanzania as a company secretary and legal advisor on the various operations it undertakes.

Experience has included advising:

  • Metropolitan Insurance Company Limited in its establishment and registration, including registration with the Tanzania Insurance Regulatory Authority (TIRA)
  • An international bank on the ability of its local subsidiary to undertake bancassurance in Tanzania
  • Metropolitan Insurance and Momentum Insurance companies in South Africa on competition and regulatory issues towards its merger and change from Momentum to Metropolitan Tanzania Insurance Company
  • Momentum Insurance on its transformation from a brokerage firm into fully-fledged general insurance company
    Industrial and General Insurance Company of Nigeria on legal due diligence and regulatory advice in its bid to acquire The National Insurance Corporation of Tanzania Limited during the intended privatization
  • A leading insurance company on requirements to act as a custodian of securities, as required in the Capital Markets rules
  • A leading insurance company in Sub-Saharan Africa on implementing and registering its life insurance business in Tanzania