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Public Private Partnerships

IMMMA Advocates lawyers have been involved in a number of PPP transactions.  Our extensive experience in various projects has allowed us to understand the expectations of the Government of Tanzania, the level of knowledge available, the local laws and frameworks, the political reality under which the PPPs will have to be developed, and the expectations of stakeholders as well as the public.

Experience has included advising:

  • On and reviewing the feasibility of municipal bonds and thereafter recommending suitable policy options including PPP options for, the development of municipal bonds market in Tanzania. IMMMA undertook the legal and regulatory framework review. The first review was completed in November 2009. In 2015, the report was up-dated to consider the various reforms, developments and other changes which had occurred between 2009 and 2015. Once again, IMMMA was tasked to undertake the necessary legal and regulatory research to ensure that the information in the 2009 was up to date. This assignment was completed in July 2015
  • The Government of Tanzania (EWURA) to review the PPP laws and the procurement laws. The assignment included drafting amendments to the PPP Act and drafting PPP regulations as well as producing a guide for the competitive tendering of PPP projects. The Project included drafting model documents and other related documents for Procurement (such as IM, EOI, RFP, RFP Rules, RFP Review Documents) to be used by the Government of Tanzania in the energy sector (EWURA, MEM, TANESCO)
  • Bagamoyo Sea Port and Special Economic Zone Area - appointed as project counsel for the entire Bagamoyo Port and Special Economic Zone Project and assisting the Government of Tanzania (GOT) through the Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) and the Export Processing Zone Authority (EPZA) in structuring the project, negotiating with CMPorts a port operating company, developing the project agreements, developing financial models and the financing means for the Port worth USD10 billion.
  • Somalia Production Sharing Agreement Toolkit Project - appointed as external counsel to the Federal Republic of Somalia in provision of legal advisory services in building of the Production Sharing Agreement Toolkit Project. IMMMA Advocates drafted a Production Sharing Agreement and negotiation manual for the Government of Somalia for the exploration and extraction of oil within the Somalia jurisdiction. The Documents developed are to assist the government of Somalia in negotiating the PSA as well as feasible and bankable terms for the PSA