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Africa Connected: Doing Business in Africa

Issue 1

Investment is the theme of this edition of Africa Connected, our regular collection of in-depth articles on doing business in Africa.

We have cross-border articles on China's One Belt One Road initiative, the Big Five of tax restructuring, and private equity as a catalyst for growth in Africa; and jurisdiction-specific pieces on Kenya, Morocco, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Please send us your feedback on Africa Connected, including topics you'd like to see covered in future editions.

In this issue

Private equity trends in Morocco

Private equity is now a credible alternative to bank financing in Morocco, but some obstacles to effective growth remain, including the rigid tax system and restrictions that prevent flexible management packages.

Foreign direct investment in Nigeria

A guide to foreign direct investment in Nigeria, including restrictions and constraints, the regulatory framework, and government policy.

Investing in Africa: The Big Five of tax structuring

What foreign investors in Africa need to know about capital gains tax, withholding tax, permanent establishment, corporate income tax, and investment protection planning via bilateral investment treaties.

The Kenyan tax landscape

When setting up an investment in a foreign country, an understanding of the tax landscape is often the difference between a profitable venture and one that is not. In Kenya, the tax regime is comprised of four main tax heads: income tax, value added tax (VAT), excise duty and customs duty.