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Tanzania new Arbitration Act, 2020 comes into effect

Legal Alert

This is an update to our alert dated 21 February 2020 on the salient features in the new Arbitration Act, 2020 (the Act) following Parliament passing the Bill into law. The Act was enacted in February 2020 and assented by the President on 14 February 2020.  The previous alert on salient features is available here.

The Act was to come into operation on such a date as the Minister for Constitutional and Legal Affairs publishes in the Government Gazette.

The Minister for Constitutional and Legal Affairs through Government Notice No. 101 published in the Government Gazette on 15 January 2021 the Arbitration (date of commencement) Notice, 2021 appointed the 18 January 2021 as the date of commencement of the Act.

The coming into operation of the Act repeals and replaces the Arbitration Act, 1931.