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IMMMA’S Weekly Snapshot

27th Sept 2019

In this weekly snapshot we explore:

Stanbic Commits 180bn/- To Infrastructure Projects

Bot Preparing Electronic Register of Borrowers, Lenders

NBC Launches Paperless Digital Banking, Ease Clients’ Payments

Tanzania- Uganda Pipeline Deadlock Very Disruptive, Says Chinese Firm

Mining Firm Offers 150m/- For Tech Exhibition

Shilling Recoups After Three Weeks Depreciation

Stakeholders Want Minerals, Oil and Gas in School Curricula

Banks Fined for Lax Anti-Money Launder Controls

Regulations to Check Arbitrary Selling of Medicines Underway

Over 344.5m/- Allocated by Vodacom To Prop-Up Fintech Start-Ups

Stanchart Tanzania CEO Flattered by Global Finance Recognition

DSE Turnover Boosted by Voda’s 500bn/- Deal

NBC Advises Truck Owners to Use Its Loan Insurance Cover Against Risks

Airtel Money Subscribers to Share 2.5bn/- In Annual Profits