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IMMMA’S weekly snapshot

11 - 15 March 2019

  • The Government plans to table in Parliament the Personal Data Protection Bill
  • The Government of Tanzania is at an advanced stage on negotiations with Konoike Construction
    Company Limited
  • Introduction of a road tax on trucks transporting coal from Ngaka
  • Shareholders of Kibaran Resources Limited have up to the first week of April 2019 to buy extra
  • Green light for the implementation of the Steigler’s Gorge Hydropower Project
  • Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa is to launch the first gold trading hub in Geita
  • Lindi is set to start graphite mining
  • Conducting cases through video conferencing
  • Tanzania and Russia are planning to form a Joint Permanent Commission on trade
  • BOT reviews laws to embrace digital platforms
  • 10-year treasury bond attracts 63.2 BN/-
  • Tanzania is becoming one of the natural gas hubs

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