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IMMMA’S Weekly Snapshot

Aug 2019

Inside this weekly snapshot:

  • Industrialists Laud Govt Over Stiegler’s Gorge Hydro-Power Project
  • Govt Finalises Criminal Justice System Review
  • Airtel TZ, Kenya Team Up To Allow Cross Border Money Transfer Services
  • Strandline, Rio Tinto To Extract Minerals Sands On 350kms Coastline
  • Ge Completes Gas Turbine Upgrade
  • Solar Power Firm Changing 500,000 Tanzanian Lives
  • Vodacom, Tpb Songesha Overdraft Hits 800k Client, Issues 2bn/-In Loans
  • DSE Equity Turnover Nosedives
  • PWC Report Foresees More Hotel Rooms, Revenue Next Year
  • Bot Slaps 5bn/- Fine On Banks Whose Data Centres Are Abroad
  • Govt: Plane Seizure Not Tied To Past ATCL- SAA Haggling
  • TIRA Puts Insurance Firms Under Spotlight
  • Local Investors Boost DSE Gain
  • Gold Refinery Due October.