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IMMMA Advocates newsletter

September 2018

Launch of new website for IMMMA advocates

On Wednesday August 1, 2018, IMMMA Advocates’ official website was launched at their temporary office in Tan House Building, Victoria Area Dar es Salaam. The new website now has logos for both IMMMA Advocates and DLA Piper Africa, a group in which the firm is a partner. The website contains all updated information of IMMMA Advocates, including events, legal alerts, monthly newsletters as well as the IMMMA Team contacts and its experience.

The presentation which began at 3pm was led by Mr. Rwechungura from Blinkview Company Ltd, the company that developed the new website, who made introductory remarks followed by a presentation on the various pages of the website. Partners and Associates had a chance to review the draft beforehand to ensure that the website is customized to suit the clients’ preferences. The launch was attended by IMMMA Advocates staff.

The official website for IMMMA advocates is now it is accessible by everyone, feel free to visit for further information about the firm.

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