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IMMMA Advocates newsletter

November 18

Rwazo's comeback from secondment programme

Mr. Libent Rwazo, Senior Associate together with other 8 Senior Associate from other DLA Piper Africa Firms were seconded to DLA Piper London Office, Manchester Office and Liverpool Office from October 6 to November 4, 2018. As part of global law firm, DLA Piper encourages succession plan and offers high quality and high standard service which is similar along the globe to its client. Secondment program helps the secondees to share knowledge and expertise to enhance the service provided.

As part of secondment our Mr. Rwazo and other secondees were able to work with DLA Piper colleague at London, Manchester and Liverpool Offices where by they worked in teams according to the area of Specialization. As part of secondment they visited the House of commons and the House of Lords and attended several cases at the Royal Court of Justice and Chancery Division. The secondee also attended a one-week training at the Management Academy held at Amba Hotel, Marble Arch, London with 47 representatives form DLA Piper firms. Countries represented where Tanzania, United Kingdom, Russia, Netherland, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Hungary, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Germany, Finland, Morocco, Switzerland, Zambia, Romania, Spain, Thailand, Italy, South Africa, Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya.

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