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IMMMA Advocates newsletter

May 2018

Associates retreat

This May, IMMMA held a retreat for its associates. The oneday affair took place on 19th May 2018, at Giraffe Ocean View Hotel in Mbezi, from 9am to 4pm. The retreat was attended by the Managing Partner, all 15 Associates of the firm, the Business Development team the IT team and the Public Relations team.

Land occupation in Tanzania

Under the laws of Tanzania, all land is vested in the President on behalf of all citizens. There are three categories of land: general land, village land and reserved land. There are two main pieces of legislation governing land ownership in Tanzania, The Land Act [CAP 113] R.E 2002 (LA), covering ownership of general and reserved land, and the Village Land Act, [CAP 114] R.E 2002 (VLA), governing the village land (comprising of all other land that is not general or reserved land).

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