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IMMMA Advocates newsletter

June 2018

Welcome back Burure

IMMMA team is delighted to welcome back our senior associates Ms. Burure Ngocho who was away for her secondment in DLA Piper, London, UK. The secondment is a special programme engaged to all the DLA Piper member groups with the objective of enhancing group relations, to provide insight on the global perspective of the group firm and to train upcoming of the DLA Piper group.

Ms. Burure was joined by other lawyers from across Africa at this year's DLA Piper Secondment Development Programme (SDP) 2018 in UK. The program aims to develop key skills to associates through learning and development, training academies to promote career development.

Finance bill alert

On 12th of June the finance bill was published by the secretary to the cabinet, the bill proposed alteration of certain taxes, duties, fees and amended different laws relating to the collection and management of public revenues.

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