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Fatma Karume, Senior Partner at IMMMA elected as Tanganyika Law Society President 2018

Fatma Karume, Senior Partner and Head of Litigation at IMMMA Advocates has emerged victorious in the Tanganyika Law Society (TLS) presidential election held in Arusha. She defeated three other contestants, Mr Godwin Ngwilimi (363 votes), Mr Godwin Mwaipongo (12 votes), and Mr Godfrey Wasonga (6).

Ms. Fatma succeeds Mr Tundu Lissu, who is recovering from gunshot wounds in Belgium. She becomes only the second female president of the bar association of mainlandTanzania in its entire history.

TLS started their two-day meeting on Friday 13th April 2018, at Mt Meru conference hall, which was opened by the Principal Judge, Dr Ferdinand Wambali.

The campaigns were initiated throughout the day where all opponents gave their speeches.Voting was done on Saturday morning 14th April 2018, and the results were announced in the evening the same day.

Outgoing TLS president Lissu sent a strong farewell message to members of the Society. In his 10-page statement from his Belgian hospital bed where he is receiving treatment following the September 7 attack – while attending a Parliamentary session in Dodoma – Mr Lissu thanked theTLS members for their suppor t from ‘Day One’ when he was elected TLS president on March 18 last year.

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