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Bombing incident at IMMMA House Plot No. 357, United Nations Road Upanga

Press release

By Sadock Dotto Magai

On Saturday August 26, 2017, we were notified on an incident at our offices which involved multiple bomb blasts. By 5am key members of staff as well as members of the police force and other national security / defense organs had arrived at the site to assess the damage and commence investigations to establish the perpetrators of this barbaric and cowardly act to our business. We believe the police force is doing its job professionally and expediently to ensure justice prevails.

The multiple blast has devastated our working environment including the building, furniture and fittings and the information technology infrastructure to a great extent and surely this may have devastating effect of our work and deliverables in the short time.

As Management, we have swiftly moved to coordinate efforts of our entire team to make sure every person at IMMMA is focused towards reactivation of our practice and resumption/continuity to service to our esteemed customers with minimal or no delay at all.

Our disaster recovery programme and procedures were activated immediately after this barbaric act and by Sunday evening all members of the team had settled at the temporary office location with all tools necessary for efficient discharge of their duties.

We wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to all our business partners and clients worldwide for their readiness in rendering support to us in this time of need. Without such support, the recovery would have taken much longer. We are forever indebted.

It is our sincere hope that responsible governmental organs generally and the police force in particular will do all it takes to pursue and arrest the perpetrators of the murderous acts and bring them to justice without delay. We have so far extended our unreserved cooperation to the Police force and will continue to do so to the best of our limited capacity.

Finally, we want to assure our clients that their records are well taken care of and our capability to continue the good professional work has not been affected by the acts of terror. Our new temporary Physical address is:

IMMMA Advocates,
Tanhouse Tower,
13th Floor,
Plot No. 34/1
Ursino South
New Bagamoyo Road,
P. O Box 72484
Dar es Salaam,

Tel No. +255 22 2120 483
Tel No. +255 22 211 1622
Fax No. +255 22 211 1621


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